Curb Alert!!!

4 cloth bags, 2 divided wine bottle bags, 2 superhero bags for a friend (not pictured), 1 canvas bag, and a roll of brown craft paper for wrapping presents…

A few months ago I was reading a post over at Frugalwoods about how if you are open to the things you need being provided to you, a lot of the time you can spend little to no money and be very blessed in finding the things you need.  At the time I just sort of scoffed and said, yeah right… maybe in her area.  And then I found Facebook Marketplace. And don’t get me wrong, I had known it existed, but thought it existed for selling Coach knockoffs and used soccer gear.  I am sure it does that, but there is so much more as well.  When I finally opened it up and looked at it the purpose was to sell the dress my daughter wore for my brother’s wedding.

My daughter on the left in a blush dress from David's bridal with a flower headband, and my son on the right in blue dress pants, a white dress shirt, suspenders, and a bow tie
Kiddos looking all fancy and a bit bored…

Being a junior bridesmaid meant a really expensive dress in a certain color and not something that she really had the chance to wear much later. Researching a sale meant seeing things for sale.  And for Free.  And the hey, I don’t want to pay to have this stuff hauled off or to take it for donation, so come and get it, curb alerts.

Somewhere between these two moments in time I made a short wish list of things I had been wanting.  Apparently not all of them because what I picked up today wasn’t there when I went to cross it off. Oh Well.   It was there in my head.

A few months ago I had been getting something out of my back seat and an old Mr. Peanut jar fell and shattered in the driveway.  It fell because it was rolling around loose and not contained because if jars are just in a fabric grocery bag they clang together and chip or break so I just put them in the back and hope for the best most of the time…. usually when I think I will be using them in the next few days.  But I didn’t, and it is no longer.  Anyway, it dawned on me that what i really needed was something that would keep the jars separated like one of those wine bottle bags you occasionally see at the store….  and since I hadn’t seen one in years because I hadn’t been into those types of stores, I was like, yeah, but where do you find that?  And onto the wish list in my head it went.

On my way home today I was thinking about how it would be cool if I found a desk along the road and could surprise my son with it (he would like to get rid of the love seat in his room and get a desk).  And low and behold a few turns later, I do indeed see a pile by the side of the road— which is just as good as a curb in the country. No desks, but I decide to see what’s there anyway, and they had a bag of bags!  I have a ton, so wasn’t really wanting more bags, but decided I would sift through them and see if anything caught my eye, totally not thinking of the wine bags!  But then I saw it…  slid down to the bottom, next to something very natural colored, a bag that is thicker than the others, and not as big, and I am sure I was grinning from ear to ear. Oh, and those natural colored bags?  Actual fabric instead of some sort of fabric-like plastic.  All in all, I managed to not bring home clutter, I was blessed with bags that will work wonderfully for produce, bags that will keep my recent accumulations of Mr. Peanut jars in good shape, and was also able to pass a few superhero bags onto a friend.

So in the end, put out there what you are looking for, be open to things that serve the purpose, and I hope you find happiness in the hunt!

~Going Green Mom