Going Green with the K.I.S.S principle

While fixing the issues with the website and email stuff I had several tech support people that were awesome to talk to.  One of them started asking questions while she waited for things to go through, and I found it is a conversation I have had with lots of people when they hear my screen name (and in this case website address).  So let’s start with a couple of things. 1.  No I didn’t take this name because I was cutting chemicals out of my life, but I have done that.  2. I don’t sell anything that is going to make your life greener (surprised?).  Now that we are done with that, on to the fun stuff.

Most people have heard some explanation of KISS…  I will go with the Keep It Simple Sweetie version, as I have outlawed the other common word in my house.  Don’t talk badly about yourself because you teach other people how to treat you, and for goodness sake, don’t talk badly about others either.  So, What does the KISS principle have to do with Going Green?  Well, usually the greenest option is going to be one of the simplest.  It might seem like a crazy idea considering how many things there are to buy, most promising to save the environment by planting trees or saving wildlife if you buy their product.  When I chose my screen name green washing wasn’t a thing- yet.  The only cleaner that had claims on being environmentally friendly was probably Simple Green, and most people had never even heard of it.

Keeping it simple in my life often means looking to what was used before the industrial revolution changed this country so much.  This isn’t because I have issues with products, but because often people that were here were using something for any of the “needs” that we have, at least in terms of keeping house or basic life skills.  Most of those needs were filled with techniques, tools, or something that could be found a) easily, b) inexpensively, and c) locally.  I know.  Strange concept, to think that we wouldn’t find something on that magical internet shopping center…  and actually, I have looked for my cleaning products on that site, incredibly more expensive that at my local stores.  So what do I use, you ask?  Vinegar, Baking Soda, Peroxide, Dr. Bronner’s soap, and a few essential oils (I am NOT brand specific).

Vinegar can be purchased at any of my local grocery stores for no more than 4 dollars a gallon (I normally pay about $2.60).  The exception to this being if you want to buy organic apple cider vinegar that still has the mother.  I do buy it by the gallon, and I buy it in plastic jugs.  I reuse some of those jugs, and recycle the rest.  There are lots of tutorials on making vinegar on youtube….  I haven’t been that brave yet.  I use vinegar in my wash- this is the only thing I use in my wash.  I was once told that I could let the water do the work, and I gave it a whirl…. and it worked.  I did throw the vinegar in as I figured it would help disinfect somewhat and also works as a fabric softener. I hang dry my clothes, so I was already not using the sheets anymore.  I also use vinegar as needed for mopping, and cutting grease, and in place of typical spray type household cleaners.  Sometime I will track down the study, but after lots of reading it seems to be somewhat common knowledge that vinegar is antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal….  with one of the 3 being a bit less than bleach but the others being about the same as.  That is good enough for me.  It also works well for washing windows, and I keep meaning to try the vinegar on car windows makes them not frost trick, but I guess I will wait another year to try it as we are finally above freezing most mornings here.  There are books out there about vinegar if you need more uses, but a browse through pinterest or google yield hundreds of options too.  If you don’t like the smell you can water it down, or throw some in a jar with citrus peels and it will smell like your citrus cleaners instead. Just be aware that combo can remove paint or any variety of sticky mess, so be careful about the surfaces you use it on.  If you have granite or marble counters, do not use vinegar on them.

Baking soda is the heavy hitter abrasive type cleaner.  It doesn’t damage surfaces, and I am sure someone can explain better than I, but it really doesn’t scratch things while you clean with it.  I use this on things like the toilet bowl, the stovetop and oven, sticky stuff that needs to come off of something (think stickers or label residue), and once you are done a spritz of vinegar will get rid of any remaining baking soda.  I am trying to think of other things I use this for, and am not really coming up with anything…   it works well in the tub on soap scum or dried on drips from the shampoo/conditioner dispenser.  This can be made into a paste with a little water, sprinkled on a surface, or sprinkled on a damp towel and then used.  Just keep it simple.  I have found the cheapest way to buy this is in a large bag or box (5 lbs?) at a time…  found with the swimming pool supplies during spring, summer, and early fall.

Peroxide is for blood.  It is really the only stain we occasionally have anymore…  mainly because I am not the most graceful, but also because my kids unfortunately inherited that trait from me as well.  I just keep a spray bottle in the bathroom and if someone gets a nosebleed or cuts themselves, rinse with cold water and spray whatever clothing it is on with peroxide…. after whatever you need to do first aid wise of course. lol.  Available from your local pharmacy or supermarket, this is almost always sold in smallish brown bottles.  They are recyclable, but I haven’t found it available in other formats.

Dr. Bronner’s soap- honestly this just goes in our foaming hand soap dispensers that I have been reusing for years.  I use like a 1:8? ratio of soap to water, and add a couple drops of whatever essential oil smells good that day.  Usually a citrus or mint, or both.  They do have already scented varieties out, and most of my local health food stores and coop have it available in at least 2 or 3 scents.  At least a few have it available as bulk and you can refill your own bottle or container from their bigger one.

Another cleaning product tip I have found helpful I picked up from my Dad.  Like dissolves like.  If I am trying to clean a greasy buildup off my backsplash or the vent hood on the stove, it is much easier to add a little oil to my vinegar than to just use the vinegar alone.

The last bit of advice I had for my tech support person as she was mulling over the fact that I basically have 4 items doing all of my cleaning tasks…  look at what you use and search for how to replace it.  If you look at your cabinets and you aren’t using the products to begin with—- they really don’t need to be replaced, just get rid of them.

Just go one step at a time…  it really can be that simple.  Promise.

Going Green Mom




  1. I love these tips. I actually didn’t think of peroxide for blood stains (my youngest gets random nose bleeds after a fracture 2 years ago). I’m going to have to get a spray bottle too. I’ve been using vinegar and baking soda for quite a number of years now for a lot of my cleaning. This started before it became really popular because it was more out of necessity. My house needed to be cleaned and most cleaners give me horrible headaches and make me nauseous.

  2. Great advice and tips! I love vinegar with the mother and also drink it in water in the am with lemon :). I haven’t tried to baking soda for the scrubbing but I am totally going to try it for sure!

  3. I’m glad I am not the only person using simple things to get the cleaning done! I loved your tip on adding a bit of oil with the vinegar for greasy stains – I will need to try that on my stove this weekend!!

  4. Love these tips! The planet loves them too! It’s so surprising and refreshing to find that simple, inexpensive items we probably already have in our cupboards can do a better job than expensive and toxic chemicals!

    1. My Grandma always seems to have this reaction when I help with something and it works better than all the toxic stuff she has tried!

    1. Thank you! I am working on getting posts written and at this point plan on publishing on Tuesdays…. and maybe on Fridays. Keep an eye out, I should have an email signup on the site by the end of the week as well. Thanks again for reading!

    1. Thanks! Totally ties into my time in the zero waste movement. If you want to know what you are using, look at what you are finishing not what you are buying! I am working on a post about zero waste at the moment… watch for it here in a couple of weeks. 🙂

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