It isn’t very often that most people reinvent themselves.  Maybe after high school when you become an “adult”.  Maybe after college, or maybe it is that mid-life crisis when you freak out and can’t take what you’ve done for the last 20 years and decide to pick something new.  Hopefully I haven’t hit mid-life yet, but my Mom only got 60 years, so having just hit 35 I guess it might be…  Anyway,  after a long and crazy couple of months with every technological disaster most people probably see in a 10 year period,  I am reinventing my website again…  and somehow it seems sort of liberating.

Last fall I jumped (was pushed? ) into a career change.   Some wonderful friends talked me into going to a career fair, knowing that I wasn’t happy where I was at, and one of them even met me there….  and lost 5 bucks because I showed up.  Sorry, not sorry! 🙂 I went into the career fair open to any sort of office work.  I had been in order entry type positions for a year, and for the 10 or so years before that I had been in HR type positions in a couple of industries that we have here locally.  What I found at this particular job fair was that there were simply no “office jobs” to be had.  They had already hired the ones that they wanted and in fact they were actually the ones working this job fair.  After talking to any of the tables of people I would have remotely been qualified for he pushed me toward the one for food and beverage…  he was finishing up some sort of testing, and he knew I was interested in the kitchen.  So I walked up to the chef and stumbled and stammered my way through what turned out to be my job interview.  3 weeks later I was doing new hire paperwork, and 6 weeks after that I walked into the kitchen.  I am still in awe of the change almost 5 months later. Due to the rather sudden trajectory shift in my life, I am not going to say this blog will go one way or the other this time.

When I started before I had some idea what I wanted to talk about.  I had areas I wanted to explore, to bring together from different projects or areas of interest. This felt…  boxy. And anyone that knows me probably realizes I don’t fit well in a box. So for now I am going to write about what I want, what is on my mind, and hopefully you will see a whole person, a full journey, with multiple facets, multiple elements that are sometimes feuding, and come to understand how I go about my day and life, and find some nuggets of information you can use along the way.

Nice meeting you!

Going Green Mom