Intention…. The Art of Being Mindful

picture of a sunsetEach year when it gets toward the end of the year I start I start to reflect on the year. Things that have happened, things that haven’t gotten done but I wanted to, even things I didn’t know I wanted to do but have shown up anyway. Somewhere in there I usually start seeing a theme come up, and that theme usually becomes my word for the following year. I have been doing this for the better part of 10 years, and it gives a different feel to the year than a bunch of new years resolutions.

This year’s word is Intention. Before last fall I don’t think it had really come up before, but with a year focused  on letting go, the topic of what am I keeping and what am I going toward kept coming up. It also comes with an air to the  idea that a person must be responsible for their life. If you want to do more than drift along and go where the wind blows, you have to make a choice, you have to determine what you want, even if it is a general direction.

The interesting part of this for me, is the amount of times I have been blindsided by this word and how it ties into previous words. While my word of the year is usually an overall theme, it is not something that I spend a ton of time trying to implement or do something about. It is more of a mantra that runs in the background and when I get stuck it comes up… Nudging me one direction or the other. You see, in order to be intentional, you have to be present in your current surroundings, you have to let go of the hopes and plans for tomorrow, tonight, next week, or next year. You have to be mindful of the places you are coming out of, and the past in relation to the situation, but you, or at least I, have to slow down and say, here is where I am at, this is the grand scheme of things result I think I want, and what is the next best step. Do you know how hard it can be to think about what I want out of that next best step?

I find myself trying to stay open to possibilities I don’t know exist, and refocus on where I am right now. Maybe some of that is because the kitchen by necessity focuses on here and now first, then the next 2-3 steps. Somewhere I am sure that someone is watching numbers, comings and goings, people and how it all interacts. But it isn’t me, it isn’t us. That is the type of thing that we talk about the next day. In the current moment it is what do we need on the line now, what are we going to need and how long does that process take… what keeps things running  smoothly and with as little waste as possible in the current moment to serve our customers the best that we can. It was definitely a needed lesson the universe set in place when things were conspiring for me to get into this job.  In all honesty it makes perfect sense though. I wake up and do a meditation. Ive been finding that learning to breath, relax, and focus are helpful when things get stressful. Setting the intention that I want it to be a peaceful and learning focused day means I am meeting the challenges with the intention that I will get through it and learn whatever it is I need to. I am looking for that little gift being wrapped up for me by the universe.

For these little nuggets of wisdom I am forever grateful,

~Going Green Mom


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