Overwhelm- Am I Alone On This?

The cheese section…. A mouse might be happy?

I walked into Wally world today because it is right off the highway. If I go to such a place from home it is 15 minutes out of the way. Or even going on the way home, but going to the store that is closest to where we live it is almost that long. Either way this is probably the first time in 6 months I have gone there, and it had been about 6 months before that the time before. This is somewhat twofold. I disagree with the idea that they can tell other companies how to run their businesses and what they will be allowed to charge. You run your business, and let me run mine…. Not that I have one at the moment, but still. If I did. It affects everyone else too. If they are going to sell something made in a third world country they don’t have to charge enough to cover the cost of a living wage and materials that someone making things or sourcing them from responsible sources would have to. This conditions people to always think something should cost next to nothing and they should be able to pay less than the value of utility that they will get from that item if it is used. I say if it is used because I know a lot of people go to stores and find the stuff in bags months later untouched…. They didn’t need any of it.

I am not immune from this phenomenon. I wanted to get one thing. A dishwasher cleaner. My kids’ stepmom had told me about one that is naturally based and since she was running it when I was picking up the kids and I was not reacting to the smell or anything I figured it was a pretty safe bet. I got out of my car, and by the time I made it through the hundred degree heat I wanted a cart to lean on rather than to carry a basket. I had already thought about surprising the kids with some of the Italian bread from the bakery, and when I called they said we were getting close on needing milk…. And tortillas, and I still needed cheese for the pizza I want to make since my last Vitacost order came complete with 2 gluten free pizza crust mixes for me to try. Now, I don’t know if I have mentioned it, but I have sensitivities other than just food…. And maybe I should start a running list in the sidebar with what I react to and what the reactions are. But anyway, fragrances is a huge one. All those chemicals in the detergent and fabric softener, that was all after I had gotten rid of fragrances several years before. I get dizzy, nauseous, headaches that would probably be considered migraines if I actually went to the doctor for them.

So anyway, I am zigzagging my way around this unfamiliar store, or maybe I should say a third of this unfamiliar store, because I didn’t really go to the non-food areas other than a cash register. But I am noticing the amount of stuff. I walk in the door and realize it feels like I could have a football stadium in this size of building. It took 3 overly smelly aisles before I found the item I went for. I got to the way far back and finding milk in a container that looked like a milk jug and was 2% meant sifting through 30+ feet of “milk”. I went on to find cheese for the pizza and realized that I couldn’t make out the products at the other end of the cheese section. Why do we need a 60 foot section of 6 foot tall shelves just for cheese? 1 lb., 2 lb., shredded, non-shredded, balls, string, in liquid, mozzarella, co-jack, or jalapeño…. But it wasn’t any one of these options that had me overwhelmed…. It was that you probably had 15 or 20 of each of these options.

I have heard about decision fatigue, but I really wonder how anyone can go to a store like this and get anything of value out of it. I guess I did, I bought the few things we needed, plus basil, kale, and turnip greens. By the time I made it to the door I was so tired and frustrated…. Why do I seem to be the only one dealing with this sort of issue? Everyone I know seems to go to these bigger stores….and those that don’t I probably converted to Amazon during the course of my addiction to that.  It definitely makes me appreciate my small town grocery store a lot more. And it definitely makes me want to work harder on finding the things I need in alternative forms or venues for the future…. That dishwasher cleaner? I’ll have to let you know, but when I took the shelfy thing out to put it in the bottom of the dishwasher I realized there was all sorts of crap on the filters…. I still ran the Lemi-shine, but I cleaned the filters first and it will definitely be getting added to my zone cleaning in the future…. my guess is that it will be problem solved, chemical free.

Am I alone on being overwhelmed at these gigantic stores?. Tips or advice? Know where to get Scott ultra soft other than Amazon? Let me know in the comments below.

~Going Green Mom


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  1. This is why we do 99% of our grocery shopping at the local grocery walking distance from our house (and bulk items from Costco). It’s so nice to know exactly where to go to get what I need. The exception to this is the boutique local stores when we travel, but those tend to be tiny and not so overwhelming.

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